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Workflow optimisation

Updating and constantly aligning content in different languages, on different platforms is often perceived as a time-consuming challenge. Most marketeers and communication managers at global organisations are continuously looking for ways to better manage these workflows. And they can. Our IT specialists offer multiple ways to optimise your workflows.

By automating, your processes become less vulnerable, and you will have more time to focus on the creative steps that really need human attention.

Language technology

Some of the key ways we can help optimise your workflows include:

  • Use of the Attached portal, eliminating the need to create and manage projects manually
  • Smart implementation of different CAT tools, resulting in the optimal use and management of translation memories, and enabling the processing of almost all file formats, removing the need for repetitive copying and pasting
  • Linking of different CMS systems to our Attached translation tool
  • Applying a lights-out workflow, with fully automated process steps, significantly decreasing your time-to-market

CMS connectors

Updating multilingual sites is not an easy process. It takes a lot of work to put content segments in the right place, and to keep track of different versions and updates. Directly linking your Content Management System to our translation environment will make the process easier and the results better. As soon as our translations are completed, they are automatically delivered and placed in the correct place in your content management system.

Throughout this process, it is up to you to decide how to submit the translation requests to us (one by one, or perhaps queued), and whether or not you want the translated content immediately published or not. Let us advise you on all the possibilities.

Data collection and reporting

Data is knowledge. How many words are translated for you per month? Or per year? How much does the launch of an additional language costs? If you want to know, we can tell you. Even better, you can access this data yourself 24/7.

Our Attached portal provides this information, and much more, in real time and in a very user-friendly way. Making it a great tool for marketeers, communication specialists, procurers and other strategists to make sound, informed business decisions.

Let us know if you need more information, examples of what we can do for you or a free quote.